Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunday On The Radio

Tune in to The Thistle and Shamrock program this coming Sunday where host Fiona Ritchie's special guests will be former Irish Fest president and co-founder Ed Scanlon, Irish Fest genealogy guru and former first lady Barbara Scanlon, and some other guy. Those three stalwart Irish Festers will be there on your radio asking you for your help in supporting KCUR FM 89.3, the local home of The Thistle and Shamrock and other great National Public Radio shows.

KCUR has been supporting the Kansas City Irish Fest almost as long as I have and that's saying something. It's no stretch to say that by helping them, you're helping us. So if you love Irish Fest, do this: Call (816) 235-5287 between 1:00 and 2:00 PM on Sunday and make a pledge. It doesn't have to be a ton of dough. A few bucks, whatever you can spare. It's all welcome and all appreciated. Make sure you call in early so we can read your name on the air, along with any special message you might want to impart. Maybe like "I love being able to hear Irish and Scottish music on the radio. Thank you KCUR!" or "Your local news programming keeps me informed and entertained!" or "For the love of God, I'll give you all my money if you'll just stop giving that fecking Regan a microphone every spring and fall!"

If you're out there in the elsewhere, you can pledge online at www.kcur.org. Thank you in advance.

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