Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

Today is April 3rd which didn't mean a hell of a lot to me, but I needed an excuse to buy myself a present so I took to the Googles where I discovered that today is also Tomb Sweeping Day in China, which I am not making up and is good enough for me.

Happy Tomb Sweeping Day, everybody! And if you're stuck for that perfect last minute Tomb Sweeping Day gift for that special someone, today is also the day that the new CD by 2012 Kansas City Irish Fest performers Sprag Session drops. I'm buying mine as soon as I finish telling you to.

Sprag Session (Colin Grant on fiddle, Jason Roach on piano), Darren McMullen on mandolin, guitar, banjo, flute, Donnie Calabrese on bass), and Colin “Merlin” Clarke on the drums) was here last year too, so don't get all up in my grill about them not being eligible for our "Best Of 10 Years" entertainment theme this year. The thing is that last year they were called The Colin Grant Band. And they blew everybody away playing Celtic-infused-Cape Breton-inspired-Canadian music in ways that felt familiar and completely original all at the same time. Plus Colin and Darren are top notch bartenders.

So before you grab the broom and head to the boneyard to start your celebrations today, buy that new disc. Play it at the big Tomb Sweeping Day party tonight and then make plans to see Sprag Session at Irish Fest in 150 days.


elizabeth said...

I'm having trouble deciding what to wear to a Tomb Sweeping Day party tonight. Any suggestions?

Dan Regan said...

You can never go wrong with your basic little black cocktail dress and a dust mask.