Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dispatch From Dublin

Irish Fest board president Laren Mahoney is heard from with a conference update:

"Only a few minutes to write, so I apologize for the short and less creative update. However, It's been a fantastic NAIFO conference so far. At the moment, we're having lunch, listening to a band called Sherman and Clepper.

What's great about the conference, beyond the invaluable networking and inspiring sessions on the latest and greatest in all things Irish festivals, is the exposure we have to bands trying to vie for a spot at each of our festivals. Last night, we enjoyed 30 minute sessions by The Hardtackers, The Kells Band, Ladies of Longford, The Kreellers, and the Fighting. They were all phenomenal. A few standouts were The Hardtackers, Ladies of Longford, and the Fighting Jamesons. Check them all out, though. All worthwhile. The rest of the afternoon will be spent in breakout sessions before we head out for more showcases. Tonight we're hearing the Drowsy Lads, The Irish Decendents, Chicago Reel, Ennis, Runa and Celtic Cross. Any we need to especially pay attention to? Let us know on twitter: @kcirishfest"

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