Friday, March 09, 2012

Band Announcement

When we were in Ireland in November of 2010 for the North American Irish Festival Promoters conference we saw some amazing music at the nightly talent showcases. And because of that trip, you saw some amazing music here in Kansas City in 2011. And one of those bands has joined our elite "Best Of Ten Years" line up for 2012. I'm talking about the talented young members of Goitse.

If you didn't see them last year, well, I'm sorry for you. Honestly though, they kind of piss me off. To be so young and so talented...if they weren't also some of the nicest, most personable and hard working musicians we've ever hosted I might have a real problem with them.

Goitse (pronounce "gwitcha") means "come here" in the Donegal dialect of the Irish language. So I'm telling you now for Labor Day weekend: Goitse, and hear some of the best young trad players to come out of Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

Goitse was one of our favorite bands of 2011. Fresh talent with such lively spirit. Thanks for bringing them back.