Friday, March 02, 2012

Band Announcement!

Kids, it's Friday and it's March and it's St. Patrick's Day season and Irish Fest is just a smidge over 180 days away. Let's start filling in your line up card. That's right, band announcements begin today.

First, big picture stuff. This is our 10th year of celebrating Celtic Pride in Cowtown and so we decided that for our 10th year we would bring you "The Best of Irish Fest." We sat down a few months ago with the very impressive list of every band, solo act that has ever played the Kansas City Irish Fest since 2003. Some of those bands don't exist anymore. Some of them, and I'm not kidding, we couldn't even remember. We went through the rest and started picking out our, and hopefully your favorites. It's from that all-star roster that we've been building the 10th anniversary schedule. And the first band announcement of the year.

This band will be celebrating their 10th birthday too this year and will be recording a live CD to celebrate, so they seem the perfect choice to kick off with. One of the most requested bands we've ever had, back for the Best Of, it's Pogey.

It was in our friend Brian Doherty's Auld Triangle pub in Halifax, Nova Scotia that we first met Pogey and knew they were something special. Little did we suspect that they'd become such KC favorites. They've rocked huge crowds here and used Kansas City as a launching pad to become one of the hottest bands in our business. We would be a very short "best of Irish Fest" list indeed without Pogey on it and we're thrilled to have them coming to their US home again. Look for them both Friday and Saturday nights.

And don't forget, Pogey fans: catch Colin Grant and Darren McMullin at the KC Irish Center March 9th as they close out WinterFest.

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