Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Happening In Whippersnapperville

If you've been checking the KCIF Kids Blog, you know that they have been shaming me with the frequency of their posts lately. Indeed they are busy as Irish beavers over there, in more ways than one. This is the latest word from Shawn and our chronologically challenged friends in the Kids Club:

"Yesterday, I got a knock at my front door. Yes, it was my friendly UPS driver. He looked at me and said, "Must be time for Irish Fest for the Kids", he then asked if he could back up in my driveway and unload directly into the garage. Fifteen giant boxes later, he let me know his son volunteered last year at Irish Fest and had a GRAND TIME.

Moral of that story, is I have to be nice to my UPS driver as this is just the beginning of Irish Fest to my door for our 20,000 kids, but, it is not too early to think about Volunteering at Irish Fest.

For several hours of your time, we will give you tickets to return and just enjoy the music, the ambiance, and lots of happy, really fun people...


Good advice. Volunteers are the life's blood of Irish Fest and we needs tons in every area. Sign-ups will be open soon. Be ready so you can get your ideal job and shift.

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