Friday, February 17, 2012

Embarrassment Of Riches

I'm going to go way out on a limb here. Ready? I bet you're a fan of Irish music.

I know, I'm like a psychic, right? It's a gift. And you being a fan of Irish music, tonight is one of those planets-lined-up kinds of evenings that come along too rarely. Irish music out the wazzoo, and we all know how painful that can be. My wazzoo is still sore from Irish Fest, but that's another story. As for tonight, check it out:

• Irish WinterFest at Irish Center with Dorian's Wheel.  Show starts at 6:30 and runs 'til 9:00.

Eddie Delahunt and Friends live at Mike Kelly's Westsider, starting at 6:00.

Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones at Mike's Tavern, 5424 Troost Ave, 9:00 PM.

Tullamore at O'Malley's in Weston. Show is at 8:00 PM.

So. Do you flip a coin? I don't know. With some planning you could hit at least three of them. Or park yourself and stay put.  Luckily, you can't lose no matter where you end up.  Just get out and support live music in Kansas City tonight! Your wazzoo will thank you.

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