Thursday, January 05, 2012

News Item

From Special Irish Fest Pratie Popularity Correspondent Cami Travis-Groves:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette–According to the Chinese zodiac, 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon. But according to the crystal balls of more than one watcher of food trends, it also will be "The Year of the Potato."

So sayeth Andrew Freeman & Co., a San Francisco-based hospitality and restaurant consulting firm. Its detailed annual trends report, dubbed the "Passion Collection" and available online at, elaborates thusly:

"Watch out for french fry menus that let guests choose the cut, crispness, and sauce; make-your-own mashers with mix-ins; or custom-cut chips with dusts and dips to order. Everyone's chipping in."

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And for the most heartbreakingly beautiful song you've ever heard about potatoes (how's that for a lead in?) listen to Irish Fest alum Ashley Davis sing Ná Fataí Bána (The White Potatoes). A translation of the lyrics is below:

A thousand farewells to the white potatoes
For as long as we had them, a pleasant hoard
Affable innocent, coming into our company
As they laughed us at the head of the board.

They were help to the nurse, to the man and the child,
To the weak and the strong, to the young and the old
But the cause of my sorrow, my grief, my affliction
Them rotting away, without frost, without cold.

What will buy a shroud for those to be buried?
Tobacco, pipes or a coffin of wood?
If we are to die now may the high-king protect us
and, of course, it would be a release if we could.

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