Sunday, March 08, 2009

Remember Ol' Whatshisname?

Have you been wondering what retired board member and former Irish Fest president Ed Scanlon's been up to since he rode off into the sunset? Me neither.

I kid. Ed's been busy having fun while the rest of us plan a festival.
A word from the retired #3

Ed who said what?

This weekend is becoming one of the best I've had since... well better that last weekend shoveling 6 inches of snow off the walk of the Ed Scanlon Presidential Library. What started the weekend was a bus ride to the Power and Light District to Raglan Road. Gathered with my lovely wife Barbara, Shawn Sullivan-Warner and her husband Mark for cocktails, dinner and story telling. Then a walk to the Folly Theater for the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Derek Gleeson. Alone the philharmonic would be a treat, but add in the traditional violin of Frankie Gavin and Athena Tergis and the night was glorious. Add to that the classical violin of Cora Venus Lunny, I love that name Cora Venus, and the combination was incredible. Aidan O'Brien was the milk and sugar in for your tea by adding the uilleann pipes, Irish Flute, tin whistle and banjo. The full house at the Folly were truly involved and loving every minute. A young couple seated in front of us were sitting on the edge of their seat straining to get closer and become a part of the music. As a matter of fact I was I was on the edge of my seat as well. Then came on the vocals, The Women of Ireland. My lord their voices were so sweet they would bring tears to a grown man's eyes. Bravo to Derek Gleeson and all the performers, thank from the bottom of my heart. After the concert Heritage Stage Director Dick McTygue and wife Karen Conley, Shawn, Mark and I returned to Raglan Road for desserts and Irish whiskey. It does not get much better than that.

Saturday on Cypress Avenue Bill Shapiro highlighted Van Morrison's Astral Weeks album of 1968 and the release of his new cd. A great show and tremendous collection of Van Morrison hits. CBS Sunday Morning featured a very rare interview with Van (George Ivan) Morrison. Who admitted that Brown Eyed Girl is "a catchy toon". He has always tossed it aside as an "oh well" song but now is thinking that it is "catching on". Barbara tevo'd the interview, so you are welcomed to drop by and watch it again with us. We can have as touch of Irish whiskey together.

Add to that some great food at Raglan Road, a steak for lunch on Saturday with my son Matt for his birthday, corned beef at Armstrong's Pub, too many drinks with Tim and Mary Pat Driscoll and the weekend is turning out to be classic. Yes there were a few down moments, however I had to listen to McCarthy remind me that I'm vertically challenged and my hair is getting gray. Hell, Brian you raise four nutty kids and you will be lucky to have hair at all.

Life of the retired Irish Fest President is very good. I wonder if anyone is going to bother to get a liquor license, a fire permit, street closing permit, health permits, state liquor permit, hey don't forget a noise permit? I wonder what we'll have for dinner tonight?

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Ed "Paulie Walnuts" Scanlon,

Look on the bright side. You could be Regan.