Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade committee announces this year's Grand Marshals:
"These gentlemen were picked by their peers to represent each of their departments. They are local heroes for their dedication and commitment to our community. We are honored to have them as our Grand Marshals.

Louis "Scooter" Martin
Kansas City Fire Department

Scooter Martin is a Captain with the KCFD and has been a Firefighter in KC since July of 1960, possibly the longest career "on-the-line" in the history of KCFD.

He was born and raised and has worked his whole career in the Westport area. Scooter is a great example to our young Firefighters and a tremendous asset to our department.

David Magruder
Kansas City Police Department

Officer Magruder is with the Canine Section of the KCPD. His resume reads like a local superhero including two Certificates of Commendation and, one of KCPD’s highest honors, the Distinguished Service Medal. The Distinguished Service Medal was awarded August 2008 when Officer Magruder witnessed a teenager crash his car off the side of a bridge over a major highway. The car was engulfed in flames and dangling over the highway, hanging onto the bridge by one tire. Officer Magruder helped put out the fire and rescue the teen."
Congratulations to both.

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