Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Irish Fest

We began a new tradition at the Kansas City Irish Fest this year with the crowning of our first annual Mr. and Mrs. Irish Fest. As I said during the presentation of the award, the choice of our inaugural recipients took about half a second. P.J. and Mollie Cullinan have been at the very peak of Kansas City's Irish diaspora for as long as I can remember. P.J. recently sent this gracious note to Irish Fest president Ed Scanlon:


Please share with the Board of Directors our gratitude for the lovely honor of being "Mr. & Mrs Irish Fest 2007". We were quite surprised and deeply touched. Mollie was sorry she could not be there on Sunday. As you know we love everything Irish, especially the music & dance, so getting to see the entertainment was like being at "home" again--except for the heat!

Congratulations on another fabulous Irish Fest, we know you spent a lot of time getting it just right--keep up the great work!
All the best
Mollie & P.J. Cullinan

Congratulations to our First Couple! Enjoy your reign.

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