Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ten Don't-Miss Things This Year At Irish Fest, Part 6

6. Eating. Okay, I know this one's kind of broad. But I really look forward to eating at Irish Fest every year. See, most of the time I try pretty hard to eat healthy. I avoid red meat and fried food, easy on the sweets, all that. My wife, for whom the four food groups are nachos, cheese, ice cream and nachos, makes fun of me. Calls me "Health Club". But you know, I try to do right by the ol' temple.

Except Irish Fest weekend.

Maybe because it's only once a year. Maybe because I'm on my feet and moving 16 hours a day, all day, all weekend and figure I'll burn the extra fuel. But I'm telling you, Irish Fest weekend, forget Health Club. I'm feckin' King Henry VIII. Fish and chips. Funnel cakes. Sausage rolls. Meat pies. Bring it on, baby. I'll be healthy again on Monday.

So join me in my gastronomic giddiness. It's a holiday weekend! You can start planning your chow strategy right now by perusing the list of food vendors on the web site.

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