Monday, July 30, 2007

Volunteer Perks Pile On

The Irish community in Kansas City is lucky enough to be served by a newspaper called the Midwest Irish Focus. The Focus is a labor of love for a great friend to Irish Fest, its founder Pete Maher. He writes, he edits, he publishes...I would be surprised not one bit to find out out that he makes the paper and mixes the ink himself. Since the very beginning, Pete and his paper have supported what we try to accomplish at Irish Fest. And Pete has a great offer for you:
I don't know how much of an incentive this might be, but all volunteers who complete their shift will be eligible for a special one-year subscription to Midwest Irish Focus for only $10. We're still working out the details, but the bottom line is that this special price is less than half the going rate of $25 for 12 issues of the Focus and doesn't even cover the cost of postage. So volunteer today and save $15 off a one-year subscription to the only newspaper dedicated to the Irish-American experience in Kansas City and beyond!

All the best,
Pete Maher
Publisher & Editor
Midwest Irish Focus

Thank you Pete, for a very generous offer. You know, with a free t-shirt, a free ticket to the fest, a chance to win a trip for two to Boston, and now a huge discount on a subscription to our area's Irish news source, can you really afford not to volunteer?

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April said...

Ooh. I like it. Nice perk.